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Imagine a community where City workers complete assignments in the field with mobile devices, saving time, staffing requirements and gas mileage, and their customers have instant access to results, also from any location through the WiFi network. Imagine flexible viewing, with data presented for the device, whether it is a desktop, notebook, pda, or WiFi smartphone. That community is being built…

Government Resources
Link to local government online services for public safety, health, recreation, jobs, taxes, and other areas of interest to citizens.

City of Corpus Christi WiFi Projects
On December 4 and 5, 2006, more than 100 government officials and technology vendors from across the country helped the City celebrate completion of the network, which was initiated in 2003 with implementation of an automated meter reading system. Build-out of the 147-square-mile multipurpose wireless broadband network took 18 months to complete.

Through a "Proof of Concept" process and community and technology partnerships, the City completed planning, testing and implementation of a number of wireless applications that improve operational efficiencies and service delivery. These focus areas include healthcare and emergency medical services, public safety video technology, and building inspections. The City recognizes the significant value of economical broadband access for public safety, emergency response, public works, education, the community, and the local economy, and will continue to expand applications for the wireless network.

At 2006 and 2007 Public Technology Institute (PTI) "WiFi Done Right" seminars, more than 20 City wireless applications were demonstrated. Check out some of the Wireless Application Summaries.

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